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General information about the in-game features on the server.

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This wiki explains the in-game features. It includes information on commands, guilds and much more.

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Basic Server Info

FTC is a semi-vanilla SMP server

Server Rules

  1. No hacking or using xray
  2. Be respectful to other players
  3. No spamming or advertising
  4. No unwanted PvP
  5. No impersonating other players
  6. Only play on 1 account at a time
  7. No lag machines
  8. Do not use exploits, report them!
  9. Do not use mods that change gameplay!


Learn more about the server in general.

Server Team

Explore the staff team and their roles.


FTC Bank

Frequently asked questions


Crown Events

Information about the crown events.


Here you can find all info related to the dungeons.

Royal Sword

Information about how Royal Swords work.


Learn about all the features guilds have to offer.

Ranks and Titles

Information about all ranks and titles.

Sell Shop

SellShop wiki

Resource World

Information about the Resource World.

Region Poles

Information on the server’s main transportation system, Region Poles.

Sign Shops

Information on the server’s main way of exchanging goods and services, signshops.


Information on the server’s main transportation system, Waypoints.


Learn what commands FTC has, and how to use them

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