Everything related to setting up challenges.

Challenges in one sentence

This page should introduce challenges.

Try answering these questions in this page:

What is it?

Why do we use it?

Useful information can include:

  • What is it good for?: What types of problems does your project solve? What are the benefits of using it?

  • What is it not good for?: For example, point out situations that might intuitively seem suited for your project, but aren’t for some reason. Also mention known limitations, scaling issues, or anything else that might let your users know if the project is not for them.

  • What is it not yet good for?: Highlight any useful features that are coming soon.

Where should I go next?


The plugins/ForTheCrown/challenges/challenges.json file is where all challenges are loaded from.


This section explains how scripts can be used to handle logic of challenges.

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