Running Scripts

Everything related to running scripts.

Running scripts can be done by Commands or from Java code.

By Command

/scripts run <script name> [<function name>]
  • <script name> - The script’s file path within the scripts directory, you can use tab completions to find the one you’re lookingfor.
  • [function name] - An optional argument for the name of the function within the script to call.

You can also execute raw JavaScript code by using the eval command like so:

/scripts eval <java script code>


/scripts run path/to/script.js
Simply runs the script file, not calling any methods

/scripts run path/to/script.js methodName
Evaluates the script file like above, and after executes The method named ‘methodName’

/scripts eval let x = 0; let y = 1; print(x + y);
Executes the raw JavaScript code that’s passed to it

From Java code

First, we’ll need to create an instance of the Script class, we can do so using one of the following methods:

Via a file path:

import net.fothecrown.core.script2.*;

Path path = /* Acquire it somehow */
Script script = Script.of(path);

// This string path is relative to the `plugins/ForTheCrown/scripts`
// directory
String stringPath = /* Create a path */
Script anotherScript = Script.of(stringPath);

Or via raw JavaScript:

String jsCode = "print('Hello, world!')";
Script script = Script.ofCode(jsCode);

Next, we’ll need to compile and then evaluate the script

Script script = // ...;

// This will load and compile the script

// After compilation, you can place any optional binding
// values into the script, these will be accesible from
// inside the script
script.put("a_binding_value", "Foor");

// Evaluate the script's main function, aka run it
// Returns a result detailing how the execution went.
ScriptResult result = script.eval();

// Test if the execution failed due to an error
// Note: If any error was thrown, it will be logged automatically
if (result.error().isPresent()) {

// result() returns an Optional<Object>, empty if there was an
// error, or if the function returned nothing
Object resultingObject = result.result().orElse(null);

// This will return the resultingObject, shown above, as an
// Optional<Boolean>. If the resultingObject doesn't exist, or
// can't be converted to a boolean, this method returns empty
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