Task Scheduling

Everything related to task scheduling.

FTC’s scripting abstractions allow for the scheduling of delayed and repeating tasks.

All tasks that can be scheduled will be executed on the main thread.


All intervals passed to the scheduler are measured in ticks, not milliseconds

Scheduling a delayed task

scheduler.runLater(10 /* Delay in ticks */, task => {
  // Perform some action

Scheduling a repeating task

scheduler.runTimer(10 /* Initial Delay */, 10 /* Repeating delay*/, task => {

Scheduling a task that only runs n number of times

const MAX_RUNS = 20;
var runCount = 0;

scheduler.runTimer(10, 10, task => {
  // Increment run count tracker
  // If run count surpasses max runs, stop execution
  if (runCount >= MAX_RUNS) {

TaskWrapper class

The task class passed to scheduler methods is not the bukkit BukkitTask class, rather it’s a wrapper with some additional functionality.
If you need to access the actual bukkit task you can do so with task.getTask().
It is also heavily reccommended you use task.cancel() for cancelling tasks instead of task.getTask().cancel()


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