Everything related to using interactables in scripts.

Interactables or Usables are blocks/entities/triggers that have special conditions and actions attached to them.

There are differences in the functions that usables scripts should implement, they operate with some commonalities.

Usables scripts will have the following bindings:

  • _holder: The holder of the action/test, may be a Kit, Warp, UsableBlock, UsableEntity or UsableTrigger.
  • _entity: The entity this action/check belongs to, if the action/check is not held by an entity, this will be undefined.
  • _block: The block that this action/check belongs to, if this doesn’t belong to a block, this will be undefined.
  • _location: If either _block or _entity is defined, this will be set to their location.
  • _bounds: If this action/check belongs to a UsableTrigger, this will be set to the trigger’s bounds, else, undefined

The script systems provides 2 methods to allow for persistent objects.

Use getDataObject() to get a native JavaScript object/array/primitive, will be null, if the script has no persistent data already saved.

Use setDataObject(object) to set the persistent data of the script, this must be a primitive or a native JavaScript object/array that will be saved to JSON.


Script types accept the following input: <script name> [<args: string[]>], with <args> being a comma-separated list of argument supplied to the script.

For example, a command to add a run_script action a script would look like so:

/usable triggers <name> actions add run_script <script name> [<args>]

Action Scripts

Action scripts only need to implement a single method: onUse(user), where the user is a net.forthecrown.user.User;

Example of implementation:

function onUse(user) {
  user.sendMessage(Component.text("Hello :D")));

Test Scripts

The main method a test script needs to implement is test(user). This method must return a true or false value.
Test scripts can optionally implement 2 more functions, onTestsPassed(user) and getFailMessage(user);

Example of implementation:

function test(user) {
  return user.getGuild() != null;

function onTestsPassed(user) {"User {} passed all tests", user);

function getFailMessage(user) {
  return Component.text("You must be in a guild to use this");
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