Everything related to using interactables.

Interactables or Usables are blocks/entities/triggers that have special conditions and actions attached to them.

Usables are made of 2 parts, checks and actions. Checks are run to test if a player is able to use the object, if all tests are passed, then the actions will be run.

Usable objects also have a silent value, this determines if usable objects show failure messages when a player fails a check.


All usables commands will be prefixed with some arguments, for example:

/usable entity @e[distance=..2,limit=1] tests remove 0
|----------------- Prefix ------------------|


# Lists all actions/checks

${Prefix} add <type: usage_type> [<input>]
# Adds a check/action of a <type> to the object <input> is optional, 
# depending on the <type> used. For example, 'one_use' check takes no 
# input,  while 'has_permission' check requires a permission name 
# as input.

${Prefix} clear
# Clears all checks/actions on an object

${Prefix} remove <index: number(1..)>
# Removes a check/action at an <index>

${Prefix} remove -between <first index> <last index>
# Removes all actions/checks between the first and second index

${Prefix} remove -with_type <type>
# Removes all actions/checks with the matching <type>

See /usable usages for more info


Triggers are areas that when entered/exited execute the use tests and actions they have been assigned.

To create area triggers, create an area selection with a WorldEdit wand and then use /usable triggers -create <name>.

Triggers have a set type which determines if actions are ran when a player enters or exits or moves while inside the trigger. The type can be changed with /usable triggers <trigger name> type <exit|enter|either|move>.

exit and enter types are self-explanatory, either is run either when a player enters or exits the trigger and move is run anytime the player moves while inside the trigger.


Simply a block with usable data attached to it. Note: Blocks must be Tile Entities to be used as usables.

Usable blocks are accessed with /usable block <pos: x,y,z>

Blocks share a value with Usable Entities, that is the cancelVanilla value, this determines if vanilla interaction is canceled when using a usable entity, for example, if a usable chest block is interacted with, then if cancelVanilla = true, the player won’t open the chest after the checks and actions have been ran


Simply an entity with usable data attached to it.

Usable entities are accessed with /usable entity <selector>

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