Listening to Events

Everything related to events listeners in scripts.

Scripts can register event listeners by using the in-built events object.


The following are various examples of how the events object can be used

Simple event registration

// Declare the Java type
import "@bukkit.event.player.PlayerJoinEvent"

// Register a function to list to the given event
events.register(PlayerJoinEvent, onPlayerJoin);

// Function called when event is triggered
function onPlayerJoin(event) {"Player {} joined the server!", event.getPlayer());

Prioritized listener registration

Please see The Bukkit Wiki for information about EventPriority.

import * as EventPrio from "@bukkit.event.EventPriority"

// Register a function to list to the given event with the LOWEST
// priority
events.register(PlayerJoinEvent, onPlayerJoin, EventPrio.LOWEST);

Ignoring cancelled events

This section is very similar to the past one, with simply one extra parameter

// The final parameter states whether events that have been cancelled by
// other listeners that were executed before this listener, should be ignored.
// If true, cancelled events won't call the given function, if false, they will
events.register(PlayerJoinEvent, onPlayerJoin, EventPrio.LOWEST, true);
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